OhmyNews , Mark Coles, newspapers, social capital

Through an Asia-Pacific Creative Landing Pad email I find a post on Asian Creative Transformations titled "A Korean Perspective". Steve Fox writes about social capital and the investment in Korean broadband. I used to write for OhmyNews when there was an English language version. So I will be interested in his reports from a trip to Incheon later this year. I think he is right to look at  social capital as media develops.

Meanwhile Mark Coles has started a four part series on the BBC World Service. The Strand has ended, World of Music has become a podcast from his shed at the bottom of his garden, but he remains calm and balanced. However the first one on newspapers had almost nothing on citizen journalism or the OhmyNews business model to invest in editing and support for contributions. Maybe this will be in part four.

The Guardian was included as an example of how a newspaper can expand into training and education for a defined audience. However I think the model of quite expensive day courses in a lecture space is not best adjusted for online. The reason they mostly publish negative comment on MOOCs may be that they think about King's Cross as a campus.  

There may be some real events soon. At least some news from Korea will feed back to Knowledge Unlatched, see previous post.