Konica Minolta at IPEX, space for a Book Machine?

It turns out that Konica Minolta will occupy the largest space at IPEX 2014.  Ricoh has now decided not to attend. 

As memory serves the 2010 IPEX included an announcement from HP that they would be doing a new version of the Book Machine. The one at Blackwells on Charing Cross Road in London was quite often closed for repairs and waiting on parts.  I don't think a replacement has actually turned up.

I realise the finishing part of the machine is the most complicated for a bespoke requirement ( they really did do single copies at Blackwells ) but could Konica Minolta have another look at this? Or something similar? 

Meanwhile in Exeter there is till no long term site for a university bookshop. Blackwells has a "pop-up" at the start of the academic year and then a desk in the supermarket to support the website. but there is an empty shop on the St Lukes campus. (Full disclosure, quite close to where I live) so why not have a bookshop there and maybe include a book machine? There has been recent comment in the student paper that St Lukes lacks any major reason to leave the other site.  

Apparently there is a demand for runs of about 150 of collections of texts adapted for particular courses. So maybe this is a better model than instant one copy at a time. At IPEX there could be a range of choices but I think the original Konica Minolta setup would be somewhere to start.