Radio, Mark Coles, some context

I have heard this week on media futures on the television, now checking the mp3. 

Find the website -  then you need 18 June. 

More later on Phonic FM about how this fits with what else I'm aware of. We have a plan for the next couple of weeks but I hope to get round to this on a Thursday morning before the Mark Coles series ends. 

There are a couple of things he is not mentioning. He used to present an hour of World Music. This ended I think because BBC World Service could not afford the rights payments. Then he was one of the presenters for the Strand. This also ended. Maybe it cost too much to have arts specially for a global audience. Now there is a weekly Arts Hour made up of clips from other BBC shows and a few guest stations. ( By the way Nikki Bedi could offer more comment. She identifies the issues but then expects the audience to do all the tweeting, just my impression) 

So will radio become a sampler for other content to be checked out in detail online? 

and how to pay the rights costs for listen again through social media? Of course musicians should get paid. But they may welcome radio promotion as well ( radio in a wide sense ) . So how will this work? 

to be continued