Mid summer walk in Exeter, sometime this week

The weather is a bit strange. It feels like winter but there may be a heatwave followed quickly by a thunderstorm. 

So I'm not sure when to go out. Possibly on Friday but maybe sooner. Definitely this week. 

Yoko Ono is in the UK so I am doing some searching. The Peace Tower is not lit at the moment, probably too much light. I think there is video somewhere from official winter. I will visit the cathedral where Imagine was played on the bells. 

Stoehenge in a blow up version was in Belmont Park last year. With some more photos it could be collaged again. Definitely an image for some sort of meeting.

The Antipodes continues at Spacex. There must be some sort of connection. 

But the first aim is to check out wi-fi . This probably means Queen Street.