Hello Jeff Jarvis, re reposts Guardian and Anti-Americanism

Not sure Jeff Jarvis reads all the comments on Buzzmachine. This post is a way to collect some stuff together. He will be in the UK next month for a Guardian event. This may be a chance to raise some issues and he probably will have something to say. 

First, thanks for the link and demo on Repost. This looks very useful and starts with level access for all forms of blog.

Not sure how to take the idea that the Guardian has some sort of politics that is advocated in journalism while most USA journalism is completely objective. There was more about "anti-Americanism" a while ago. I realise there is a need for some defense if you travel a lot but there are a variety of views. 

It seems to be a different legal situation for the USA to spy on people, depending on whetherthey are assumed to be outside the USA. Of course the UK has pretty much the same policy. Online this makes not a lot of sense. 

But the main thing is to work through the time warp in Guardian reporting on media. I am mostly concerned with reporting in print, still the Guardian base. There may be Guardian blogs somewhere that balance this out but I tend to find other ones.  

I think the Monday to Friday print editions could be planned to vanish sometime soon. There is very little resource for the specialist sections on Media and Education. Jeff Jarvis used to be a regular but this was a while ago. There is still a budget for Saturday, including the Review. See my previous post for more on this.

Briefly, Steven Poole regards Jeff Jarvis as a "cyber-hustler" , ( alongside Clay Shirky by the way ) There is still a tone in the print Guardian that continues the concerns of print journalists as if the transfer of some Buzzmachine to Guardian Media pages had never happened.

And another thing.  A large chunk of a blog post from Clay Shirky was printed at the time Futurelearn ( a UK MOOC ) was announced. Since then there has only been negative comment on the MOOC, mostly from academics who prefer things as they are. Comment on how to teach journalism also welcome. 

I still buy the print Guardian on Monday and Tuesday. But I find most new info on Buzzmachine.