Design Science DJ, continues as chat

I am concentrating now on the Wild Show and slipping in conversation about design, design science. I find radio is very fluid, even if conversation is a bit vague. JD continues to resist the idea that radio presentation is a science. But I now have a copy of the book on "the will to form" by Gibson Burrell and it is mostly about design. Styles of organising and architecture also, but design is the common theme I think. Within the design envelope you can wander about. It may be intended for understanding and analysis. but also in practice designers can move within it. Last week guest Clive Chilvers described how he moved between sensibility and rationality in Tweeting, depending on whether he is tweeting for himself or an organisation he represents or somewhere in between. We intend to label the studio walls and measure distances, once the book is better understood.

Clive promotes TED Exeter and we thought about another 3D diagram with an axis for Technology - Science, and Art - Design. We suggested Entertainment - Education but apparently TED Ed is another project.  Still this sort of thing works ok as radip chat till we get a better model.

Phonic FM and the Wild Show are mostly about music. Talk has to be an occasional element. 

The links are to a Soundcloud copy of this week and a YouTube clip from a year ago.