Hipsters, East London, words you can't use on the radio

IPEX will be at ExCel, close to where the River Lea joins the river Thames.

I have been trying to find a walking route from King's Cross for some time. I do now know how to follow the canal to Islington Green so the Cross Media occasion will be fine. The route continues to the Olympic site but I still don't know how the final section works out.

(Meanwhile I have done something in Crowd Party, see previous posts. This could work well enough meanwhile)

Maybe the White Building on the west of the bridge is a good spot to meet meanwhile.

Previously I linked to a Will Self link to YouTube through the Guardian


If I mention some of this on the Wild Show, Thursday morning on Phonic FM I will probably use the word "hipster".

Meanwhile an infographic for a show about Consumer Electronics in the UK claims that East London is the "largest cluster of innovative tech startups in Europe".  Probably some people from Berlin will turn up at IPEX so it will definitely be local as well as global.