YouTube arrives in Will Self cityscape

Reading the Guradian there has been a bit of a breakthrough. I have been wondering about the Review and how they reflect the internet. A couple of weeks ago there was a claim that mobile phones were bad for plots so should not be mentioned in a novel despite being 40 years old. Sorry going off topic, what is scifi and what is mainstream if claiming to be 40 years ago to start with? The historical novel is a genre? anyway back with the cityscape.

Will Self reviews "Cities Are Good For You : The Genius of the Metropolis" by Leo Hollis. Some of thje themes are familiar from my attempt to study the MOOC from Leuphana, see previous posts. but the breakthrough is that Will Self refers to YouTube and a song about the "creatives" of East London. I think I have found the right one, he has not gone so far as to offer a direct link.

So far I have not found much  about the city as a virtual space or how design of virtual aspects relates to some blended result. It mostly comes from an architecture course I think. But here is a video for East London. It may describe an area along the route from King's Cross to the Olympic Park and then to ExCel in time for IPEX, only a year or so away.

A printed review should try to find more of this sort of thing.