Adobe on Marketing, #Guardian

I am not making this up. i have just spent ten minutes on the Guardian website looking for the web link for the page in print sponsored by Adobe. Gave up, tried Google and have found a version in Hispanic Business. Not sure if the Guardian gets much out of this but if they made it a bit easier they would get more links. 

Also if there was a bit more in the Media section on a Monday I would feel happier about the cover price of one pound and fourty pence. I have been looking back at cuttings from long ago and it seems to have been much better value. 

But the main thing I notice is that Adobe are very keen on marketing. Possibly this is because there is not much differentiation possible through technology. 

The main barrier to effective multi-channel marketing is not technical, the panel heard. "There's nothing we can't come up with. Technology is not a barrier," said a panel member. Cloud computing supports massive scalability, so that campaigns which go viral do not run out of resources.

Who said this is not known, but presumably the page sponsor would not disagree all that much.  We know that PDF is stable as a file format. Flash arguably now gets less attention than HTML . So if the role of the Chief Technology Officer is reduced then only marketing remains. Something to think about. 

Meanwhile the most interesting content on photography turns up when the phone companies are involved. Just my take.