draft topics for #thiscityscentre

This blog can have draft bits that are revised later. Some of it will turn up on the Wild Show or be expanded. The installation at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum opens this week. We already have some sound that can be repeated. The idea on the Wild Show and the blog is that some content related to the original can be used to be extended as part of comment. As it happens we have also been allowed to broadcast sound from an early performance and put it on Soundcloud. But the general idea is to extend the sound conversation. 

So far on the radio we have started to talk about toilets as part of our map. The official map is about a space within ten minutes of the cathedral. Our scope is for about half an hour but we have yet to get much further than the Phoenix. Next week maybe as far as the RAMM. Check the extracts on Soundcloud for JD on the toilet size required by a carer for max relax.


Later I want to ask about art theory around walking. I know that there is some but where to find it? Through radio we can describe locations. Apparently there can be site theatre. I think what is emerging may be a site chat show. This involves walking between occasions for talk, probably over a drink or refreshment. The edit may be actually over several time events but probably the location could be recognised and repeated by the viewers/ listeners. So what sort of content or context is thought to associate a walk with art? 

Later I want to get on to Sidwell Street as a centre for film study. I started on about this when asked to think about how to change the area as part of the window travelling along. Maybe the original sound still exists. My basic thought is that now the cloud is everywhere there is less need for a campus and the university could go back to the city centre. I now realise that there is so much student accommodation because it comes from various sources. There is no plan as such. The block next to the Odeon may still be empty. There is one new project, the Printworks, where Townsends used to be. Students who fail to study Exeter may be surprised that the Picture House site is next to the Odeon and near the Vue, not near the cinema closer to the river. But the base for film studies is there. Room hire in the St Sidwells Centre is very good value. There is no need for yet more buildings out of town. 

More later, there are a couple of months to go.