Some books, folk music / radio / advertising

I am still looking at Styles of Organizing, by Gibson Burrell. I find the examples don't fit always with the theory but maybe this is just me. The basic diagram is beginning to make sense.  I still think it is rational for the BBC to cull Radio 1 djs every so often. Recently Tim Westwood has had to go. Maybe he will turn up on Radio 2. The paperback should be updated beyond Dave Lee Travis. This is not just sensibility from a management point of view. There has to be a new audience though I can't imagine how the music could improve much, having failed to move much into this century. But on the Wild Show, Phonic FM Thursday mornings we will continue to look at the studio as a 3D space, putting labels on the ceiling etc.

Another book I found through the Critical Management website is unfortunately hardback only at this time. Rhthyms of Labour is also promoted through Youtube talks but the hardback is a bit expensive. I was hoping to have a look at a copy ahead of the Sidmouth Folk Festival. There is a section on radio and I wonder how this updates as the public have more control, within what is available. I may find this in a library or it will have to wait till next year.  

Last year I went to the London College of Communication Futures Conference and posted some photos to the website. One was selected as a possibility for the forthcoming book

The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising

By: Chris Linford, Jo Hodges

I thought it was out this year but the current date is not till 2014. I will be interested in the Futures conference this year. My guess is things move quite quickly so they may have to rewrite the book. Paperback within a few months of a conference should not be impossible.