August lull is starting #Guardian #mooc #magazines

The Education Guardian today is only a couple of pages. Not much about universities. I guess they are not providing much news over the summer break. So if that was the first part of the year there was nothing positive about the MOOC in general or any detailed reporting on Futurelearn. the new term might have some sudden developments but then again maybe not in print.

Yesterday in Media, David Hepworth wrote about magazines. He looked back on a meeting at the London College of Communications about moving print magazines to tablets and has concluded there is no obvious way forward- 

Simply reproducing your magazine via a cheap page-turner app is unsatisfactory for the editorial team and not very thrilling for advertisers, but it may prove good enough for the small percentage of readers who take you up on the offer. On the other hand, those memory-devouring, all bells and whistles apps try so hard to burst the constraints of the magazine format that you wonder why they aren't websites.

Then again, maybe the people who buy a tablet are happy looking at websites and don't feel a need for what was once a magazine. Probably some borders will break down. This could happen fastest with Business to Business magazines where the social media are well accepted.

The London College of Communication has a Futures conference usually in the autumn. I don't know how the dates fit with the Cross Media event in October. But a blog can make some links. Cross Media is mostly about advertising but could include academic publishing. There has not been much disruption in journals yet but the technical issues are even less restrictive than for magazines in general. Interest in open online courses will require open online content.