Misc notes from Lancaster

I am setting off back to Exeter tomorrow. Not much posted to this blog but there will be more later. Mobile web connection is ok, but too much going on to spend time writing. 

In Lancaster there is no longer an HMV, it is now a Morrisons. But without CDs, you have to go to Sainsburys, outside the one way system. Pau Pau has closed down as well but wifi is in many cafes. The one way scheme is diverted so even more confusing when driving. But the pedestrian area works well when you get there. This is a good direction for a high street. 

The Wifi Bus definitely works. I think only on the Morecambe to University route. The cafe at Info Lab 21 requires a university ID to get to wifi. So the Innovation Centre in Exeter has an advantage. 

Links to photos and video later. 

Also video of talk with John Burgoyne. I met him at his home near Ambleside. I hope to edit clips so it can work ok on YouTube.  

Last Thursday I heard the Wild Show ok online and also phoned in. They played my pre-recorded selection for Sidmouth Folk Week. So being in several places works ok. Time concentration is a matter of getting round to things.  I hope to be in the studio for Thursday. The map should be available for This City's Centre so will check it out. Where I am staying there is a book about the Flaneur, a city drifter type as in 19c. Paris. Apparently they moved about and observed, but rarely wrote up a report. Is there much research about bloggers?