Walking and maps, mental time travel

There is more info on the map for This City's Centre . I'm not sure how the QR codes will work out. I think they link to sound. The images are ok in the ramm next to the cafe but there are only two sets of headphones. It may be easier to download the sound and walk with the map. 

I continue to suggest a map for the Wild Show based on cafes and a half hour radius from the studio. Tests show this can include the Innovation Centre and St Davids Hill. But so far there is not much interest in hard copy. It may just be a PDF / Google doc with links. More when I see how the other map works. We are not just copying this City's Centre of course. Rather we are working out a related project with no copyright issues so we can promote it more easily. 

There is a bit more info about the unexpected. It will include some buildings  with presumably a route between them. But I'm not sure this is meant to be a walk as such. I am still trying to find out more about art theory and walking. There could be various ways to approach this and many unintended results as people do one or more routes at a time. I will probably fall back on some sort of loop - plan, do, study act for example - where act implies a possible change of intention. This allows me to look at the plans and results at different times though of course they are still changing, especially as you and others wander about.

This afternoon I plan to go to Sidmouth. My mental map involves a loop round the Bedford, Anchor and Dukes , with a longer less frequent loop to the Volunteer. This is nothing like a city centre map based on coffee. with enough live music there may be no need for wifi. There is no university library but there may be an expensive hardback from CUP. Certainly there is a bookshop.

Anyway, I regret not being in Sidmouth more next week. But looking forward to Lancaster. 

Very interested in recent TV clip on mental time travel. Could work in any urban space. Yes, Sidmouth is urban. Street integrated music.