London map, Open House, finding ExCel

Now back in Exeter and checking out news from Print 13 in Chicago. I am even more convinced that time and space are converging. The next two weekends are Open House in the UK, in London but first everywhere else. I have stopped booking and mostly see it as a chance for a walk. Gradually I spend less actual time in London but think of it more as a scheme of a map rather than easy to travel. 

If IPEX 2014 started with Chicago Print 13 then it won't matter for a while that ExCel is hard to walk to. There still could be a walk along the canal and River Lea but the final section is still missing. I think. More on this next year. But meanwhile have done a map with two ovals. Actual places not shown but this started with a walk between the Work Foundation and the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) . This could be an area where general policy is worked out. the outer oval is more for tech support. I don't think this is just the magic roundabout. There are lots of sites somewhere close but not too congested. 

Not sure how this would work as a map guide. Probably needs more detail to work as a visit to London Open House. 

King's Cross still interesting for the changes. Futurelearn is in Camden and the canal route is clear enough. Not sure how the British Library is involved in Futurelearn if you turn up in person. The walk to Islington Green was investigated last year. the canal is underground but there is a connection so Cross Media Live can be imagined.

The walk to the Olympic Site is also clear and I think more of the park is open. but how to get to ExCel. One possibility seems to go to Limehouse and then follow the river. 

Seems a lot for one weekend. A route I don't know is between the Elephant and Victoria. I realise the river is not straight so this may be shorter than I imagine. The London College of Communication and the Work Foundation may have some connections but I don't think either is open for the weekend.

So mostly ideas to be followed up later, probably. Depends what else is suggested.

The analogue art and digital art may be valid but are shown to relate to Exeter. Analogue tends to be Fore Street and digital tends to be Sidwell Street. My guess so far. 



London map 13.jpg