DJ Buttons September version

DJ Buttons              txt by Will Pollard    @will789gb


This is an outline script for a sound version of roughly half of the Cinderella story, transferred to episodes in the life of a radio presenter. Some performances may be recorded on video but the main aim is to edit at least one version for radio. On social media the “not making of” can be as interesting as the “making of” style of additional content as promotion.


This document started as an attempt to promote the 2012 remake of Sparkle ( see previous versions ) eventually considering changing the sound context to folk as a way to reach a wider audience in the UK. The current approach with a choice of rock and roll on radio has turned out to be the most viable at this time.

Some of the names are real. This may avoid copyright issues. No infringement is intended.

Warning Fair

This txt is on offer as open source / creative commons. There is a version in production but other versions as well as variations are welcomed. However part two - Six O’Clock Somewhere - will be heavily copyrighted and not much developed till there is a significant advance for the novelisation. There are a few notes on the second part at the end of the script below.

Recent Changes

There is a new character, social media editor for the radio station. there needs to be a confidant for DJ Buttons, someone to talk to and explain state of mind as situation develops.

Also there could be a narrator, a story teller to explain the situation. Otherwise we need lots of dialogue to start each scene.

The characters

DJ Buttons     Trainee presenter

Wil       )          Presenters         they have been doing much the same show for quite a long time

JD        )

Rita the Tweeter        Social Media Editor

Chris             Station Manager

Fred                     Event Organiser

Princess              Visiting Vocalist



Talk during broadcast

JD and Will introduce each other

then DJ Buttons

only bit of dialogue so far

“Listen, we do the talk, you do the buttons”


DJ Buttons meets Rita the Tweeter in cafe. Attempts to get a mention on the station tweet feed.

Explains interest in Wolfman Jack and plays examples. Hints at some resentment on situation in studio so far. Rita is friendly but not able to do anything as DJ Buttons is not fronting a show.

( Sound example from Wolfman Jack has the same function as Cee Lo Green in Sparkle, early example of mentor sound)


more broadcast off air . things get worse. JD always talking about other studios where things were more reliable.Will playing slower music though it is supposed to be daytime disco. DJ Buttons suggests rock and roll but has no influence


Chris ( station manager ) talks to Fred ( organising big event ) Fred wants to contract Will and JD to introduce Princess, guest vocalist at forthcoming event. Chris agrees to arrange this but warns that they are getting argumentative and boring though still with an audience.

Also discussion of rock and roll compared to pop. (Sparkle has a theme of gospel contrasted with R&B though also resolved with certain songs. The songs in DJ Buttons can start with contrasts but also show rock and roll that works as pop, on radio)


JD and Will build up the event on air

DJ Buttons offers opinions but not allowed to say much


DJ Buttons meets Rita the Tweeter in cafe. Explains he has songs that would suit Princess

but not sure how to get them to her. Sympathy from Rita but no actual help.


JD announces he has to be at the South Devon Arts Centre on the evening of the event but will phone in his contribution. Demands remote control of the mixing desk. Fred not happy with this but reluctant to cancel. Claims that actual being there is in the contract.

Will suggests that Princess should cover “I’ve Never Been To Me” by Charlene. Chris not happy with this as thought much too slow and likely to lose the audience.


( this is several scenes but running out of time to write them at the moment)

Princess arrives and objects to the song “I’ve Never Been To Me”. Dispute with Will. Fred talks to Chris claiming that the presenters have no role in suggesting songs. Will continues to insist that slow songs are ok for a general audience. Fred decides that as an intro for Princess this is not going to work. Fred avoids argument with Will but uses the JD non appearance as a pretext to cancel the contract.


Fred talks to Chris about what to do next. Eventually they decide that DJ Buttons can introduce Princess but only very quickly with minimum fuss. Fred explains this to DJ Buttons and also that no fee or contract is involved.


DJ Buttons has a chance to hand over his songs to Princess. They get on well, even though time is short.

( The songs written by DJ Buttons will not appear in sound till the next part  - Six O’Clock Somewhere)

Princess sings several songs that are ok with the audience   ( need to find out what they are)


JD phones in with announcement of legal action for cancelled contract. Supported by Will. Chris not sure if he has to support this but tells DJ Buttons to go home and stay home till legal issues resolved. DJ Buttons is working for the radio station but not allowed on the premises. Will and JD seem to have a sound legal case.


DJ Buttons meets Rita the tweeter in another cafe somewhere else in the same city. He explains his situation. Rita says “Thing is, I can’t help you. In radio, you might as well not exist.”


In Six O’Clock Somewhere Princess manages to find DJ Buttons and work on some of his songs. He then gets his own show on television with a mix of archive and new material. More songs needed, combining rock and roll / pop .

Six O’Clock Somewhere will not yet be much explained but the songs could be released ahead of the production. They need to be hits so the audience knows them.


Wolfman Jack sample

Charlene, never been to me