Guardian print decline may not be gradual #MOOC

I have been away for a few days enjoying Open House London. Now back at a desktop screen I am checking out some links and find that the Guardian is possibly reducing the print operation. A story on the Printweek website has no information on numbers of redundancies but there are quotes about continuing discussions.

I still think it is possible the Guardian will stop a print version other than at the weekend. I have stopped buying it so much since the price went up but usually read the paper on Monday and Tuesday for the Media and Education. However these are getting worse for useful comment, as I find it. This week still no report on Futurelearn so maybe they think if it is ignored it will go away. 

The plans for print may just be about fewer pages, but if the prices increase also there is a strong chance of fewer sales. 

Meanwhile lots of investment in a digital operation in Australia. How can this work out with all the issues identified for the MOOC ? It is getting too silly the way they write one thing in print and do another online.  

I also found that Haymarket will move PR Week to being a monthly with new digital support. This sounds like they could have done with Printweek rather than selling it as they did. 

My guess is that most Business to Business magazines will move online. That includes the sections in the newspapers. 

So Guardian Education will be an opinion piece from an academic on why the MOOC will never work and then most of the space on why you should look at the professional network Guardian website.