Three stories and the mobile holiday #ISO9000 #Futurelearn #IPEX2014

This blog is about connecting quality, learning and communication technology. Mostly in the UK as locality but with web links. Over the next few months there are three main stories that could well show how these are supporting each other. Previously there have been blocks. 

Futurelearn will get some attention and show how online learning can develop. There will be some resistance and critique but there is enough space to try something. Some form of quality assurance is involved.

ISO 9000 is due for revision and this will become more public.So many interests are now involved that there will be criticism of any direction of change. But there are so many sites already with certificates that this discussion will get attention. 

IPEX, the global print show, is early next year in London and the Cross Media warmup is next month. The London College of Communication used to have "Print" in the title but no longer has any print courses. My guess is that Cross Media will be quite sensible in positioning print as part of communication. But this may wobble abit as IPEX gets closer.

The appeal of print is strong and continues. Universities are probably still more likely to build a library than to expand their contribution to Futurelearn. Not sure about this, the thing is to try to observe as it happens. So the background will repeat whatever the news, and links found when possible.

Already there is speculation as to the numbers and nature of mobile devices to be sold over the holiday season. In the shops there are almost no e-readers without connectivity. 

Previously I thought about a Winterlude, a period of reflection at the turn of the year. Now the issues seem a bit clearer and the holiday will be more of an event, scale as yet unknown. To be evaluated as part of BETT.