Mixing place and time, Chicago #Print13 ExCel 2014

I'm in Lancaster listening to Phonic FM online from Exeter. Seems to be the robot but I expect there will be somebody in the studio soon. I left a link to a repeat of an edit from last week but seems to be lost at the moment. So I'm a bit lost around time and space anyway.  

Then trough Twitter I find a press release from #Print13 in Chicago. Konica Minolta and Komori are jointly working on an inkjet machine for a sheet 23" x 29" at 3,300 an hour. Recently I saw a whattheythink webinar on B2 inkjet so there will be more about this at Print13 and at IPEX next year. I think Fuji and Screen will be at IPEX. Maybe Konica Minolta will have some info about Komori.  

But "commercial availability" of the Komori / Konica Minolta device is not expected till the end of 2014. This could mean a small number of sites as tests with more over the next few years. So things can move quite slowly. I am thinking about the next few months as one phase in print announcements. The Cross Media event in London is repeated as part of IPEX so it will be interesting to see how the ideas look in a different context. 

Some large print companies will not be at IPEX as it appears at the moment but they may turn up as part of something else. For example Apple dealers appear at BETT so they may not be far away. Or they may cover Cross Media at BETT. At the last IPEX Adobe guested on some pre-press stands so they may be in background. 

Including Chicago in the time space also has the advantage of covering more companies from the USA. They seem to be the ones less interested in IPEX. 

Chris and JD have now turned up in the studio so being in two places just got easier.