Wild Show edit , edit for nxt week #thiscityscentre

As I am in Lancaster next week I have done an edit of the Wild Show this week that could be played again. This depends on who turns up and when so it may not all be played. The edit is about half an hour but I covered the drama hour as well this Thursday so the original was an hour and a half. 

One theme is how copyright controls what we can include, both in radio and in a listen again mode. I still have a status issue on YouTube after a Prince cover. The edit has a couple of tracks from YouTube so I guess it will be ok to include them again. 

Chris has found it ok to read the QR codes from the maps. So we should find the sounds during September. It could be easier though. Maybe there could be a sample track on Soundcloud or somewhere easy to find? Or a press kit with something cleared for radio. 

There is still plenty of time. The performance is expected to include live streaming from the windows included in the video at RAMM. There will also be a version available online. So possibly some of the sound can appear on radio eventually. More later.