BETT and France as in FUN

The Bruno Latour course is part of FUN, a MOOC project from the MINISTÈRE DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT SUPÉRIEUR ET DE LA RECHERCHE ( caps as copied....)

I get the impression this has full support from all French universities, or at least the national policy is with that sort of scope. In the UK there is a  level of universities who are not involved in Futurelearn. The ministry for education has not been much involved in BETT for example. Last year there was a speech by Vince Cable from the ministry for Business including universities.

So, much to come back to in future posts. For coherent policy linked to European resources it is probable that FUN will be a good reference to start with.

Of course it will be a neoliberal event, but if Google are showing how they think a Chromebook can be used, this may be worth a look.