Lessons from COMDEX

Still catching up with the background to the year. It will be starting soon. I remember it uses to start with COMDEX and now probably with the Consumer Electronics Show. Not sure though what will be new this week.

Later I will concentrate on IPEX in London England. This print show only happens every four years and this could be an interesting one. Print media are changing much more rapidly than previously. Trying to keep an open mind I am also thinking about whether trade shows will survive any better than newspapers. Trying a search on COMDEX found a post from Harry McCracken on finding his press badge from COMDEX '96.  Read in full for how Apple left the show and it then folded.

Apple have also stopped attending IPEX, drupa and BETT. They are in background though. Partly because of the Web they have no need to be there. Similar for Adobe though they attend Learning Technologies so far.

Maybe COMDEX is the future for trade shows.