BBC returns to BETT , no objections so far.

The BBC will return to BETT next week with a service promoting stock clips from their own archive and from NHK in Japan. 

Stephen Davies, Director, BBC Motion Gallery said, “The introduction of BBC Worldwide Learning helps strengthen our position as a leading content provider and as a partner for co-branded opportunities in the global education market.”

The business’ new website, to be launched at BETT in January 2014 will offer thousands of educational videos, from clip licensing to fully produced short form video segments, encompassing all major curriculum subject areas.

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The BBC has not attended BETT since the cancellation of JAM , an ambitious project that was cancelled after complaints from commercial competition such as the Guardian.

My guess is that the BBC is one of only a very few UK organisations capable of launching educational projects on a global basis. Unless there is another negative media campaign, BBC Worldwide Learning may devlop beyond the current scope.

Full disclosure, I still have the glass of jam they gave away at a previous BETT in another shocking waste of the licence fee.