Map of walk to ExCeL, Adobe at Olympia #LT14UK #BETT2014

I am trying not to rush to making too many points. There will be more in Feb. Too much going on around BETT and Learning Technology.

I have done two diagrams that help me to think about this. I used to head straight for the Adobe stand at such events but they have gradually moved online. You have to check the things that are not there and try to keep them in mind. Apple left a while ago. So much missing from BETT. This time in Olympia there is an #Adobe cafe. Reminds me of the last time they were at BETT. Smaller space without actually vanishing.


I still want to find a way to walk from King's Cross to ExCel. As I am usually in Exeter I have a good mental map of how the city fits together. ExCel is out of range somehow. See previous posts for the route from King's Cross to the White Building near the Olympic site. Then head south. For some reason the lower part of the River Lea is harder to follow. You may need to go to Limehouse and then follow the Thames. Surely they will sort this out sometime? Not before this next IPEX though.