Design Science relaunch follows Latour intro

This week Chris Norton was not well so I did about an hour more on the Wild Show than usual. He may be back next week, or JD will have to cover all of it as I will be at BETT. I am still waiting on the course to find out more about science but the visit by the Standup Philosopher encouraged us to have another look at Design Science and the DJ. ( search YouTube for previous clips )

This started with a YouTube video on the rise of the Science DJ and noticing that Design Science keeps cropping up. So I suggested to JD that there ought to be a Design Science DJ . So far we have got a bit diverted as he has concentrated on Design Science for and of the ( music ) DJ and also has insisted that science cannot cope with the levels of skill required. something like that, or he might also claim that he has no design. I think we are now ok with realising there is some sort of design, but till this show not at all sure about science.

Here are a couple of clips ( cannot include much music for copyright reasons )

We will come back to this later. Of course the real project is to be DJs for Design Science. Links to sound and video are very welcome. Also guests in the studio if you are in Exeter on a Thursday morning. It is mostly a music show but talk segments can stretch to half an hour or so.