Standup Philosopher introduces Bruno Latour, more later on Wild Show

There is a MOOC on Scientific Humanities with Bruno Latour starting on Feb 10th from FUN

I interviewed the Standup Philosopher on the Wild Show this week. Obviously we do not know the content of the course but I think his answers form a reasonable introduction. In another guise as the Storyteller he is often in the Phonic studio for the hour before the Wild Show so we will be able to update during the MOOC and he may be persuaded to stay for another half hour sometime. ( The Wild Show is mostly music so you may wait for the clips on Soundcloud or YouTube )

Please add comments or send mp3 or a link. We usually assume sound on YouTube or Soundcloud can be broadcast.

The Soundcloud version is enabled for download so feel free to edit and rebroadcast. It has a Creative Commons licence. Please link back to this blog post. 

( b y the way, I am in bad status with Youtube following a request from Controversy Publishing. I loaded a video of a cover of one of his songs. So I cannot load Creative Commons to YouTube or over 15 minutes. Anyone who can find an actual human to contact about this, please let me know, the robot messages are not changing)