Mode Two, Design Science what to think about MOOC?

Since we got back to Design Science on the Wild Show I have been thinking again about the possible connections, academics and social media. Somehow in management journals Design Science was a continuation of Mode 2 but somehow nothing much seems to have happened.

I get my impressions mostly from the Guardian. Last year there was very little reporting about the MOOC idea, and the opinions were mostly negative. Peter Scott wrote that he was reluctant to mention the word MOOC so it only came up once and even then there was much to guess about the assumptions academics might share. Objections seem to include that the technology is coming from commercial sources, as is a lot of the application. I am not sure why it cannot be accepted that the technology now mostly works so there can be counter proposals on what form a MOOC should take or if it should be something else.

It might seem that a MOOC is a good example of Mode 2 , such that Mode 1 study could fit quite well. Not sure how this is supposed to work.

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Free Issue of British Journal of Management

As mentioned in this post, because of the comment by Hugh Wilmott and the reply it is required to have access to the journal as well as the free issue. So if someone could do a blog explaining the issues in a few pages, that would help I think.

Meanwhile my search attempts don't find anything about design science, management, online education whatever linking back to this discussion. Clues welcome.