Networked Learning Conference Hotseat diagram , how to link to #BETT2014 ?

I am following the hotseats for the Networked Learning Conference. I tend to jump in and ask questions so I can try to catch up with the assumed background. This week is "Sociomaterial networks of academic practice" . This relates to Actor Network Theory so I thought the Latour discussion on the Wild Show last week would help. So far I have been told about several print sources to read, but no mp3 so far. 

There is a Prezi presentation

From this I have taken one graphic. This is with a Creative Commons copyright so please link back to the Prezi if you use it. Attribution - Non-Commercial


This is a gif so should be easier to embed and share than the full Prezi. It may be specific to London but I would like to discuss it in Exeter. It shows the context in which students study. I am interested in how this fits with other uses fro the internet, other locations in the city or range of learning spaces. More later on the Wild Show.

There is more online about a Design Studio for which this graphic was part of the research.

The hotseats are at Ning

I will look for possible variations on the diagram during BETT. There is some sort of loop involving academic research, how students use devices, what is on offer at shows.