From BETT this week on the Wild Show

I think JD will do all the Wild Show on Phonic FM this week as Chris is still not well. I hope to phone in between 11 and 11.30 during the coffee break in the presentations about Futurelearn and whether the MOOC can be monetised.

Not sure this is really the question. "MOOC" is just a way to describe current technology options. There may be some other words soon. So far the Futurelearn courses seem to be partly open adult education and partly content marketing for the full time offers. Is there a budget for this somewhere?

The timing happens to be when I guess JD will have sorted out the studio but not started to pack up before the end of the show. And there is a scheduled coffee break / conversation as part of the BETT schedule. But not sure how it will work out. We may put something together later. mp3 welcome from whatever source. There is a Wild Show Facebook page or leave a comment with link.

There is also BETT Radio, now branded as Toshiba Radio. I hope to find out more about this and there may be an archive on Soundcloud or somewhere.

If you are not in the Exeter area, Phonic FM is online. Recently upgraded to a massive 128kbps.