MOOC update, BETT and LearningTechnologies

Back in Exeter checking out links for what was missed at BETT and Learning Technologies. Still can't find anything on the report from LSE. But there are some blog posts found through Learning Technologies.

The conference at Olympia ended with MOOCs and there are some clues as to what might have been said. Donald Clark on Plan B posted a guide to the MOOC scene in December. He also wrote about corporate MOOCs . Crispin Weston wrote on Jan 23rd about "Unlocking pedagogical innovation" . 

The central challenge to face modern education is how to handle scale. Ever since Socrates, more than 2,000 years ago, we have known how to teach small groups of students through a process of continuous dialogue with an expert tutor. But the Socratic model has never met the need of modern societies to educate the many and not just the few.

fair comment. I think the Olympia session would have been constructive.

Another interesting comment in the conclusion

After decades of bumping along the runway, the ed-tech aircraft is finally looking as though it might have what it takes to get airborne. But if the UK schools sector is to play any significant part in influencing that transformation, then it will need to demonstrate considerably more ambition, imagination and capacity for self-criticism than has been evident of late; and the Department for Education will need to offer considerably more proactive (though not prescriptive) leadership than it has been prepared to offer so far under this government.

This could have been said at BETT. Michael Gove seemed very sure that MOOCs are doing so well that government should keep out of the way. Not sure how this will work out. The first post by Donald Clark above shows he is not entirely convinced about Futurelearn as a platform. What was said at BETT in the HE Tech event is still a mystery if you just search online, as is the LSE report funded by the EU.

Meanwhile Google has announced there will be several videos from the talks on their stand over the next few weeks. The MOOC related content they associate with will be relatively easy to discover.