3D Printing, Chocolate, Hewlett Packard

Through @TEDxExeter I discover there is a way to create 3D chocolate from a company in Exeter - Chocedge .

Apparently they can do any shape required and the machine costs only a few thousands of pounds.

So why am I waiting on news from Las Vegas? Things are happening right here in Devon.

Meanwhile it is possible that Hewlett Packard will join in with 3D printing later in the year. Forbes reports that this is under consideration or could be. They have the reserves to buy some existing companies and could benefit from a growth product.

Is there still time for them to book a space at IPEX? 3D will be added to the print mix. So far this looks like a smallish space but things change. It seems more the case though that IPEX could be reported for what is not there at least as much as what is. But then this could be true for any other show. You need the online flow as well even if it is a bit of a muddle.