At CES cars so why not devices at Boat Show?

I have started to find more info about CES. Not much that seems new. But cars are being equipped with all kinds of devices. Found this from Engadget .

Seems to be about parking and entertainment. Not much about driving the car on a road but I'm not sure Google are there. Maybe more announcements later.

The Engadget preview also suggests that some news will wait on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Only a month or so but if this turns out to be true it could be that the centre of mobile interest has moved outside the USA.

This guide from Active Captain shows how a phone can be used on a boat. There must be more available by now. And possibly more integration with other systems. There is a boat show at ExCel this week in London. Can't find any news so far.

But it may be an event to identify more ways of finding ExCel , especially by water. There are several walks that seem to get stuck or else it turns out that the distance is further than expected. A boat trip to ExCel from various points along the Thames could be very welcome.

The Engadget article also mentions Photokina as a camera show to compare with CES. This reminded me that drupa has to be considered at the time of IPEX. There may be a two year gap but somehow there is always an overlap.

I wonder if Heidelberg would sponsor a boat with trips on the Thames? Maybe it could come over from the Rhine when the sea is a bit more calm. They won't have a stand but a river trip is still a way to meet people.

This blog may be going all over the place but it will be coherent later this year.