Prince Backs Content Marketing

It may not be a trend but the signs are that Prince has to some extent come to terms with the ideas around Content Marketing. There is a new video on YouTube with a full length piece of music , or at least a large section of live performance. It is hard to know where tunes stop or start without being there.

Previously there has been comment that the sales of the new single are below what was expected. Gigwise suggested that fans were too busy trying to get tickets to have time to download. This theory ignores the number of mobile phones available. I think it is more likely that few people know what the new single sounds like. There has only been a short extract released to YouTube. Online video now has the same role as radio. If new content cannot be discovered it is unlikely to sell.

There has yet to be any statement that Prince or Controversy Publishing have had a change of policy but the future events will be worth following.

My own particular interest is that I am back in good status with YouTube. So I can choose Creative Commons again. Not sure how this happened.