Wild Show this Thursday, six hours in cloud, FM studio, Cafe 55

More detail on this later. Following tests last week it turns out that a slot is available on Phonic FM between 2 and 4 this Thursday ,  the 20th . So we will have the usual Wild Show time between 10 and 12, then a break for coffee, then another two hours in studio.

Last week we got 20 seconds from Cafe 55 through a Hudl to YouTube. Also Chris loaded several iPhone clips from the Phonic Party. To YouTube from home a bit later, had to catch a bus. 

So we are getting closer to a mix of studio and cafe such as we would prefer.

Depends on mp3 and Creative Commons or else clear permission we can use sound clips from somewhere. Creative Commons is best as the audience can also mix and comment.

At the moment I'm not sure if Chris and JD can stay till 4 but there will be some continuity.

Topics may include

the Phonic Party, the Daft Monkeys and the very Dumb Bear. Are we sure they are relaxed about us mixing clips of their performance? do they really understand where this is going?

Lightstream from Fore Street. Titles of the three locations. If there is an online talk (Spacex cancelled because of storms etc) can it be recorded and reused? Broken up for comment?

what kit could we take to Cafe 55 or somewhere else?

more later