Short clips from Newsnight on MOOCS, pot noodle land and the high end

I have done a couple of edits from Newsnight. The upload was done as Creative Commons so the Remix button is there. I think Newsnight and others should make this standard so others can comment more easily. My clips add the intro back to the mix and also emphasise the comments from Oxford. It could be time for an update and answers to some more questions.

Jeremy Paxman seems not that impressed by "pot noodle land" the space for most UK universities. Has this view changed? As involvement in technology morphs with interesting content it is possible this could be reconsidered.

Oxford and Cambridge are staying out of Futurelearn for reasons explained in this clip. The continuing education projects are doing some small online reasonably cheap courses ( SORCC to start a new set of initials) and the university presses are building social media around the book publishing. So there could be some new crossover and some new terms. MOOC is just a word that seems to have reached the financial interest.

Time for more on Newsnight on these issues. And an online version without too much delay.