Video edit on YouTube, topic for Wild Show

A couple of connections have come back for videos already on YouTube. During the OLDS MOOC I tried to design some learning around Creative Commons and the Remix Button on YouTube. I still think this would be a way to edit a music video from live performance. As long as each camera angle is Creative Commons the Remix button will allow an edit. Better still with a good sound version from the desk. On the Wild Show we are a bit limited to Chris with his iPhone for closeups and my Zi8 not far from the sound desk because of the short cable. But with each attempt we get more interest. There may be a sound recorder at the Phonic Party coming up soon.

Couple of things bring this up again. Annie Rew Shaw has made a download available on Soundcloud of her track Shadows. There is also a video on YouTube

This has had more views in a week than my take from the Phonic Benefit has had in a year. But bear in mind that the Kodak Zi8 was not designed to zoom across the full extent of the Phoenix auditorium.

So we will continue to try something, and on occasion just link to something better.

Also this week I discover that the OLDS MOOC will be reported in a paper for the European MOOCS Stakeholders Summit - EMOOCS2014 . I have been trying to help with getting short clips from the Google Hangouts. Not sure how this will fit with the presentation but meanwhile here is a sound clip from YouTube edit from Wild Show. Design Science is about four minutes in but as usdual we try to cover several topics at once. More later, there may be a way to explain this well enough that much more happens around it.