Futurelearn could get to BETT later, what age is a student?

The Open University was at BETT with a stand, but not much info on Futurelearn. Maybe this will change when it comes out of beta. Maybe the university aspect is still thought of as marginal or universities like to keep the HE tech as a bit of a mystery.

But on the Futurelearn blog it is reported that Sixth Form students visited Reading University after a course on how to program a mobile game. So it may turn out that several courses are of interest for schools.

There is also a post about a course on the new computer curriculum. Intended for teachers but maybe parents would be interested.  It could be that some moocs will not need to be monetised but will be part of continuing education over a range of ages.

The Cambridge University Press / OCR model is not yet noticed much in the talk about moocs in general.