Guardian UK, what is going on?

Earlier today I paid £1.60 for the print version of the Guardian. Today is media day with what is now only two pages. Mostly about the BBC and how they need to face up to strategic issues around moving online as in BBC3. Then when I check my email I find a news item from InPublishing that tells me of all sorts of changes at the Guardian. Senior editor moves suggest a priority for editors who already know the audience in the USA and Australia, a move of comment to online ( fewer pages in print but don't hold your breath for lower prices ) and another try at video. So I expect more articles about how the BBC might like to think about not competing in the video area and soforth.

As mentioned previously I no longer buy the Guardian every day. Monday and Tuesday is now out of interest in what little they include. ( Nothing on MOOCs tomorrow, my guess, they are promoting King's Cross as a campus for the London locals ) .

The people who buy the UK print are maybe seen as a cash cow while the rising stars of global online move into place. I don't think the Monday to Friday print will last very long. there must be a limit to higher prices and fewer pages. But some of the same people will be part of whtever online turns out to be. The print version should at least include some explanation realted to the online leaks we happen to discover.

Meanwhile I think the BBC is more or less sensible and explains policy quite well.