BBC Radio 4, MOOCs, continental Europe

Last night the discussion around online education seemed well balanced from a UK point of view. there was an hour following two half hours on schools and universities. The case against the MOOC was made and it is still the case that Oxford and Cambridge are holding out for more traditional methods. But the balance seemed more or less in favour of trying things out.

The main problem I had was that there was nothing about universities or education on the continent of Europe. Technology appears to have suddenly arrived from Silicon Valley in another craze. Nothing reported about sustained research funding from the EU. I think one reason for this is that the BBC gets guidance from UK universities and they seem to think they are world class on the basis of English language journals.

I put some raves on my Medium blog where there is less linking offered. In one I noticed the lack of UK reporting for the eMOOCs event. Below is a YouTube clip for a talk on policy from the European Commission. 

Will Radio 4 send a reporter to Paris or Brussels? Not as far away as San Jose.