Simon Peyton Jones , Science and Technology at TEDx Exeter

This is a sort of expanded tweet as I am not so far explaining what my tweets are getting at. At TEDx Exeter last week it seemed to me that Simon Peyton Jones was arguing for science rather than technology as the preferred emphasis for UK schools. He saw the ICT as taught so far as being rather boring ( he was introduced as from Microsoft by the way ) and explained that the new computing subject will include a lot of computer science.

My concern is that there could still be interesting technology but this seems not to be covered. Still less is there space for digital literacy, introducing computer aspects in other subjects. So I think there will still be an emphasis on text, not much on video editing as a basic communication skill.

What I remember of TED is about how ideas from technology. entertainment and design have been introduced into academic discussions more used to science and analogue culture. The move to computer science seems to be going back again, at least in the UK.

One slide, not sure how much of the content I can load at this time. there will be a proper TED approved video once it is edited, about a month probably so more later.