Skunk Work Must Advertise - Cross Media Islington October

A Skunk Works is an almost secret project to prepare some new direction while business continues as usual. Thing is, sometimes the new approach has to be introduced quite quickly. My impression is that Cross Media Production should have had a lot more emphasis during IPEX last week. 

I notice that Frank Romano has no mention for Cross Media Production during his video report for What They Think. This may reflect his concerns but also shows how much resource will be required to promote a new direction. The Printweek report on the organiser views on the show's success also makes no mention of Cross Media Production. 23,000 attending is down from 50,000 in 2010 but a good result given that the show was 15,000 sq metres, down from 50,000 sq metres.

I have posted a short extract from Benny Landa's talk. Is print doomed? Only the books and newspapers and the packaging etc is more of the existing market anyway. But this is still a significant statement about the near future.

The Cross Media ideas are quite urgent. There will be another event in Islington in October. with more of a scope for marketing and publishers this will be another test for how printing fits in the mix.

More later on the digital printing shown at IPEX. Things will clarify when equipment such as the Konica Minolta KM1 is actually delivered. The Screen and Fuji inkjet presses were both well attended. I still think this could turn out to be a gain for Japanese digital printing. 23,000 people attending could still represent a number of future sites.