Design, Media, Cross Media Production

From yesterday I am thinking that the connection between IPEX and the LCC will need some exploring. A lot has changed. There is a space for Design and a space for Media. "print and publishing" seems to have gone into background. 

Meanwhile some of the issues from the Futures conferences are covered by the Cross Media Production show that is part of IPEX for some of the days. There may be slightly different messages from the Print Summit but I think eventually there will be a representation of print in a wider technology context. There are theatres for Brand Management, Direct Marketing, and also Publishing. Some of it is going to raise objections for people outside the branding community. Social media did not start as a platform for advertising. But anyway, this sort of thing will come up again.

The publishing theatre is described as including 

  • Academic, Market Analysis, Financial & Scientific Publishing

but so far I can only see one speaker in this area. Marie Petts is Global Head of Change at MacMillan Science and Education. Operational and Structural Change in Organizations is the topic for the panel. I think much of the discussion will be about newspapers and magazines but academic publishing is there and print is still a large part of this.

The LCC is based on Design and Media so these subjects can be studied anywhere. They may tend towards theory but any university has an interest in publishing, whatever form it takes. Even if students do not visit ExCel there can be many links online.

Meanwhile in Exeter there is a local version of TED during the same week. I will probably be in London for the first three days of IPEX and then back in Exeter by Friday, probably for the Wild Show on Thursday. (Phonic FM 10 -12) The current concern is how to get more use of #tags on Twitter when promoting benefits. Going in another direction we sometimes consider whether the university will bring back a permanent bookshop. The design of recent architecture has rejected the university bookshop as not part of the required retail selection. TED is about Technology, Design and Entertainment, possibly contrasted with Science, Art and Education. Not sure but basis for radio chat anyway. Could explain whatever appears through IPEX. The entertainment end of publishing may be the space to watch.