Dates towards the end of March

Quite possibly I will not post much from IPEX during the event. There may be too much going on. So my idea is to put as much draft material on this blog as possible. You may link it yourself from other bits of news or you may be at IPEX anyway.

My week usually revolves around the Wild Show on a Thursday morning. I do try to prepare for this and also work out which are the good bits that can be loaded online as clips. This week I am in London tomorrow for a meeting based on Edwards Deming. There will be an open event in June. On the 20th there is a special on Phonic FM about the Green Man who is likely to visit Exeter around this time. So we will build up to this on the 13th. Also there is an event in early April at Cafe 55 about 1955 when SENSE started so we will feature some of the music.

The Analogue to Digital event is at the Phoenix on the 22nd. This covers music and I will try to follow the links to video and mobile devices. Then the first three days of IPEX and the Wild Show on Thursday. TEDx Exeter is on the Friday.

As IPEX is also about Cross Media Production I will try to reference the media around the other events. There is some RISO equipment in the Phoenix basement. TEDx Exeter sold all the tickets without needing to print any promotion but I understand that although social media is a priority there is a print option in the background.

April could be more restful, but also a chance to see where this fits together.