Quality, Communication, Learning, Climate Change , Design Science

The words in the title are intended as a group. I am finding several sites where I try to follow something and am sent off to something else. This blog could be much the same but within the range of linking these topics.

This started working on a quality system for print production. Learning remains the issue as well as non-learning. The London College of Printing changed the name to London College of Communication. They have their reasons which can be understood over time. Recently I find there is more interest in environmental management standards. Climate Change is a Futurelearn course from Exeter where I live. I still study Edwards Deming as a guide to quality and learning but notice that Design Science is reaching new audiences so could be a way to introiduce related ideas.

Things are shifting a bit. The recent IPEX was essentially the Cross Media IPEX. More will become clear at the Cross Media event in Islington next October. Something continues around #mtw3 . There appears to still be a gap between most academic conferences and current social media. So there could be some shifts. "Learning" is a word used in many contexts.

More later.