Networked Learning Conference, nuanced take on MOOCs

I am a bit late with checking out the Networked Learning Conference but I find that most of the papers are available. Look for the links to PDF. This could be a form of Content Marketing. For sure there will be requests for libraries to invest in the hardback version when available.

I will take some PDF on holiday over the next fortnight or so but not sure when I will get to study it all. Depends on the rain, quite a possibility near Ambleside.

But meanwhile here is a direct link to a paper by Chris Jones that includes quite a lot about the MOOC activity that is getting harder to ignore. I find the critique thread at academic conferences is often so strong that technology progress is quite difficult to identify. And from the Guardian coverage such as Peter Scott I realise that many UK academics have a case against the MOOC idea for a variety of reasons. But on a skim read there appear to be circumstances in which a MOOC could be supported. Or could have been once. More later when I have had more time to read.

My take is that technology has moved on whatever the academics have made of it. The MOOC is with us so struggle is the only option. Of course Peter Scott can choose not to write about such things in the Guardian. The whole print version could carry on knocking the Web till Monday to Friday is cancelled. Then there will be a new direction announced somewhere online. Not very likely in the Saturday Review.