note for MOOCs on learning design, this is just radio

This post is intended as a bit of explanation as to where I am stuck at the moment. I still sign up for courses on learning design but my practice is mostly with radio shows that concentrate on music. I may well come back to something more formal but I find that sound is quick to work with and there is a relaxed attitude to copyright or appears to be. Actually Phonic FM pay Performing Rights fees but it still has the consequence we can mix in whatever we can find within some restrictions on language.

I have done a design for learning about Creative Commons and online editing on YouTube, assuming the Remix button is available. But not yet offered as a course. we did have a related discussion on the wild Show last week, now loaded to YouTube.

It starts with TEDx Exeter but is mostly about Creative Commons and will develop into how we can mix TED content with local schools in Exeter. There is not much tech as such. JD ihas closed down Windows XP and now explores his Hudl. We can't find the option for Creative commons in the Android app for YouTube.  But my plan is to keep asking what he makes of Creative Commons and how wide a community he thinks he is in. We are beginning to swap more bits of sound with other sources.

Any related mp3 we could use on air would be very welcome.

Previously, ( Caff 55 itself now Creative Commons also)