Creative Commons and Edit Technology ( extends PDCA)

This week has been busy and I am not finding out enough about two MOOCs as to how they are structured, where you put your own txt. So this is here in this blog and I will repeat/link later when I get a better grasp.

Recently I found that some slides I did for the Experimentality conference on Plan - Do -Check/Study - Act have got recent interest on Slideshare. Not sure why this is but I can use this as a base. Mostly graphics borrowed from various sources.

I have done a version showing Creative Commons ideas as part of the phase between check and act. Also training in technology for editing before doing a plan. In the Dreambazaar for Learning Design I still have various forms of sharing content, an approach to publishing. i realise there has to be income from somewhere so the theory also relates to content marketing, native advertising or whatever term is current ( how likely these are another time) 

The MOOC about psychology and the Commons will probably relate as I find out more about it. Deming moved from what he called the Shewart Cycle to a System of Profound Knowledge including psychology. That's the area I hope to study. How wide a community can people imagine as they swap content or protect it?

The deadlines I cannot avoid are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Phonic FM in Exeter. Some of these topics crop up as talk, the station is mostly music.