MOOCS OK, so what to do with them? #Wild Show #TEDxExeter #nlc2014

This is a tighter version of the post earlier today. Maybe tomorrow i will edit some of the sound clips from the We Don't Know radio show from 12 to 2 today when we talked a bit about what to say on the Wild Show this Thursday from 10 - 12. Phonic FM 106.8 in Exeter area.

We have got a bit further with the tech aspects of radio and loo forward to the FabLab in Exeter Central Library. Probably it will help us to connect FM and social media.

So I thnk time is passing for a take on web technology as if education theorists can assess whether to support it or not. Too much is happening anyway. In Exeter schools we hope to get an idea of what is happening once the new year starts in September. Meanwhile there is still a critique of the MOOC an very limited support in the UK. I find the Guardian is still not reporting the MOOC much and the mentions that do turn up are often part of negative comment.

The Wild Show is mostly music so there is limited time but over two hours we may touch on some of the issues. We will find the range of views from many a TED as well as the videos now available from the recent one in Exeter. Guest Clive Chilvers worksd on social media for TEDx Exeter and may suggest connections for questions over the next few months.

I have added a tag for the Networked Learning Conference. There is a connected discussion around a critique of the MOOC. Any comment welcome, especially mp3 files or links to such.