Draft questions re TEDx Exeter - Balance on Web Education

This week Clive Chilvers will visit the Wild Show again. There is an archive of an interview last year on Soundcloud

The Wild Show is on Thursday 10 -12 but maybe we can start asking questions through this blog. There were two talks at TEDx Exeter about schools and education that I found interesting. See previous post about Simon Peyton Jones and coding. I had thought there was too much emphasis on coding rather than digital literacy. But last week we were visited by Tom Dixon from the new Fab Lab in Exeter Central Library. He thought code is very important and part of applied technology. So maybe this is less of a concern.

But the other talk is still worth a look I think. 

This seems to me to be balanced towards danger so much that nothing then happens. There are some positives towards the end but regret that many students prefer to use commercial sites. i wonder when there will be more resource and energy for MOOCs etc from official UK education? there has been enough study on the dangers over the last decade or so.

By contrast, TED global, or however you think of it, has been more radical. Look at this from Sir Ken Robinson . This suggests much more rapid change.

Clive Chilvers works on social media for TEDx Exeter. He can't be asked to comment on all the issues raised. Buit we may get some guidance on who to ask for future conversations on how schools and students near Exeter relate to these issues.