Guardian and Citizen Journalism

Today first solid rain day of ten in Lake District so good one for catching up online. I have bought a few copies of Guardian and am struck by the ads for Masterclasses, more on this later when I read Will Self again. This post is mostly to check some facts.

The new course is called "social media for journalists" and on the webpage there is a video selected from a previous one I think, then called "how to be a citizen journalist". From what is included it is claimed that the Guardian handled this well, even though the first response of professional journalists to online possibilities was not that positive.

Thing is, what I remember is the long series of not very funny in my view takes on citizen journalism in the Media pages and the fact that the only reporting on OhmyNews was on the technology pages. Guardian Unlimited Talk was scrapped without any warning or explanation. there was no offer for anyone to save their copy. 

If the new course is similar to the video then the new description is more accurate. The skills are for traditional print journalists looking for content that can be packaged as part of business as usual. There is not much about contributing to the social media where the content is coming from.

Suggest search anywhere for OhmyNews take on citizen journalism. Any links to where my info on trashing of Guardian Talk could be wrong would be welcome. Hooray if there is a backup somewhere.